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Easy Freight


At Alloy Bearings we believe that dealing with us should be easy. That includes all aspects of the job, including one aspect that many people shudder at the thought of, “International Freight.” In a quest over many years to give customers what they want, we have developed¬†Easy Freight!

When dealing with Alloy Bearings, let us do all the hard work. We are here to support you, not create extra work. Awarding us a job can be initiated as simply as telling us that we have approval to proceed. We can then send you a pre-drafted label to print out and affix to the package(s), large or small. All that we need then that we can’t do ourselves, is for you to let us know the dimensions, the weight, and the fact that it is ready for collection. We do the rest!

You will likely not have to do anything else until the completed job gets back to your designated destination and you say “WOW”, what a great result!

Our team has the ability to look after your freight requirements worldwide and are particularly experienced at trans-Tasman freight. All the documentation including shippers letters of instructions, commercial invoices, and customs clearances is looked after by us.


How do we do this?

For trans-Tasman freight we operate under our own ABN (13 275 002 735) which allows us to take care of all imports and exports including GST requirements. This takes all the traditional headaches away from customers like yourself when deciding to use us.

Your focus should be squarely on our core business of providing quality, accurate and ‘expectation exceeding’ service relating to your bearing needs. No need to worry about complex and often stressful logistics!

The same great service can be expected on the return trip. The only time you might hear from us is when we let you know to expect the goods back. With ever changing security requirements evolving there are occasional instances where freight forwarders just have to get some extra details. This is rare and generally we manage to answer all their questions well in advance of any possible contact with customers.



What we quote is what you pay!

All freight invoices come to us, so you will not get any unexpected charges. We can get everything quoted up front and listed in our tenders. What we quote is what you pay! Nothing more, but sometimes even less!!

We take control and through our long term relationships with many freight forwarders, get the best rates possible, with the best service, all of which we pass onto you.

If you want “easy freight” so that you can reap all the benefits of using Alloy Bearings for all your bearing needs then procrastinate no longer!


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We strive to make dealing with us as easy as it possibly can be. Treat us like we are just next door.