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Oil & Gas

Turbines, gearboxes, electric motors, pumps and compressors work every day in the oil and gas sectors under extreme operating conditions. Downtime is one of the biggest costs to the industry so Quality and Reliability are the basic requirements for economic and sustainable results.

As end users demand longer life from their equipment, as well as greater reliability, availability and performance, expert bearing repairs, analysis and upgrades become ever more critical. Alloy Bearings is proud to provide this expertise, backed by decades of proven successes.

Alloy Bearings has been supporting the Australasian, New Zealand and Southeast Asia oil & gas market for decades. We specialise in the direct supply of brand new Whitemetal Babbitt Bearings from Original Bearing Manufacturers that we represent such as Kingsbury Inc., as well as the in-house refurbishment, repair and manufacture of other Whitemetal Babbitt Bearings.

Other Original Bearing Manufacturers we are able to supply and support you with include:

  • Miba Industrial Bearings
  • BHW Bearings
  • John Crane Bearings (JCBT)
  • Orion Bearings
  • Sartorius Bearings
  • Zollern Bearings
  • Daido Bearings
  • Michell Bearings
  • Renk Bearings
  • RMT Bearings
  • Waukesha Bearings

No matter the who the Original Bearing Manufacturer is, or if the Original Manufacturer is unknown, we can support you.

Replacement Howden and Mycom Compressor Bearings are manufactured in-house in our workshop and high use items are carried in stock.

Our engineering teams have decades of real application experience and are recognized as experts in the industry when it comes to Whitemetal Babbitt Bearings and Seals we offer an engineered solution for:

  • Bearing design and optimization
  • Labyrinth seal design and optimization
  • Reverse engineering
  • Bearing failure analysis
  • Bearing Health Checks

Bearings and labyrinth seals serve a crucial function in the reliability and performance of rotating equipment. At Alloy Bearings our focus is on giving the customer the best solution as quickly as possible and making sure it’s “right the first time”, every time.

Advantages of Alloy Bearings

  • 200+ Years of combined experience within our Team when it comes to Whitemetal Babbitt Bearings
  • Providing unrivalled customer support and quick turnarounds
  • High level of responsiveness and flexibility
  • Experts in reverse engineering of hydrodynamic bearings
  • Design, manufacture, refurbishment & repair of like-for-like, existing and customized products
  • Trusted Quality
  • Technical service
  • Training
  • ISO certified
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